conversations in the dark


img_2573 The politics of piercings.

A few weeks ago I had my nose pierced for the third time. I first had it pierced in Australia in 2000. The second time a few years later. Niether time worked out. Like a child with a new toy I fiddled with it constantly… Consequently it didn’t heal. And here I am again…third time lucky…hopefully.  Loving nose studs and being aware of judgement surounding piercings, particularly at a certain age, is interesting. There has been mixed reactions.  Neither daughters have been disapproving, and why would they, and my sister’s reaction positive (she has a tattoo)…no mention from some friends…which speaks volumes…while new Spanish friends have expressed amusment sometimes looking to John for an opinion. From himself a wry smile.

As older women we often feel more judged, less valued for who we are or who we really want to be. This is why we find ourselves hesitating, denying ourselves new ideas and experiences and staying within the limits of how society wants to see us, often for their own comfort. I am a 72 year old woman with a nose piercing. I’m not alone… And I like it…

Love without judgement…